Located in the heart of Polk Gulch, Sushi Sato Restaurant & Whiskey Bar offers fresh fish from Tokyo, with the menu crafted by the best culinary team in the city, a variety of selections of Japanese whiskeys, spirits, sake, wine and beer.  Sushi, Sashimi, tastings, omakase, lots of a la carte cold and hot dishes.


Our utmost invitation to a tranquil omakase bar with an intimate experience with a chef and the exclusive beverage service.  

A more classic Omakase including a series of appetizers, a variety of daily-changing sushi nigiris, a zensai dish, soup, and dessert. 


Newly Recommended

by Michelin Guide 2022


Enjoy an entire room dedicated to your party of 6~10, with a dedicated Omakase sushi chef in front of you. It offers a series of appetizers, sushi nigiris, zensai, soup, and dessert. Free of dress code, play any music, no idea crazy here. Bring your party!


Sato brews its beer in small batches in the basement beneath our restaurant. Beer is surprisingly fragile and the best way to appreciate it at its freshest and most nuanced is right at the source. Our beer is brewed almost exclusively with local grain grown nearby in the Sacramento Valley and malted using the traditional floor-malting method just across the Bay in Alameda. Hops and yeast provide accents and counterpoints but freshly-kilned, subtle malt character sits firmly at the core of every Sato beer.